N2o Coffee and Beer Chargers

Ideal for creating Nitro coffee, cold brew beer, and of course, whipping up garnishes, mousses, whipped cream, and foams quickly and effectively, this easy to use dispenser will also allow you to prepare the perfect coffee shakes, cappuccinos, mochas, and even ice cream.

Used by a whole host of restaurants and cafes, this modernistic, performance-focused cream dispenser can be used across a diverse range of applications.

Convenient and super easy to use, this cream dispenser boasts a tilt at the end of the nozzle for expert performance and precision. But that’s not all… the contents inside your whipper can remain fresh for up to 14 days, meaning you will be able to save on prep time and even prepare fresh ingredients in advance.

How to make Nitro Beer

Nitro beer can be made in one of our stainless-steel cream whippers:

• Fill with your favourite stout or ale.
• Tightly screw on head.
• Charge with one Nitro Charger.
• Shake vigorously to dissolve the Nitrogen in the beer.
• Dispense into cup or glass. The fast jet of dispensing ‘whips’ the nitrogen into the beer

Nitro Coffee

Restricting the amount of oxygen in the coffee, Nitrogen works by slowing down the rate of oxidation in the coffee. It is this process which makes coffee taste sour and bitter.

With this in mind, because Nitro coffee retains its fresh flavour for longer, it can be prepared in advance.

How do you make Nitro coffee?

•  Fill with your favourite cold brew coffee.
•  Tightly screw on head.
•  Charge with one of our Nitro Chargers.
•  Shake vigorously to dissolve the Nitrogen in the coffee.
•  Dispense into cup or glass and the fast jet of dispensing ‘whips’ the nitrogen into the coffee

Nitro for pressurising or preserving beer and wine

Our high-performance nitrogen cartridges can also be used in place of 8g Co2 cartridges in order to pressurise and preserve homebrew beer kegs or wine.

Nitro Infusions

Did you know that our Nitro infusions are also ideal for making infused cocktails?

And for optimum results, you should use with our Soda Splash carbonators in order to make a variety of different infusions!