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High-Quality N2O Cream Chargers


Wholesale Chargers Ltd. are a Worldwide Leader and supplier of Whipped Cream & Carbonated Products. Our company lead the industry in compressed gas propellants and technologies for food and drink applications.

We have recently launched Gastro Cream Chargers to B2B Trade Only agents to enable their business to become an area or worldwide wholesale and retail distributor.

With constant stock availability, we are committed to providing agents with the world’s leading and most Cost-Effective High-Quality N2O Cream Chargers, Whipped Cream Dispensers and CO2 Cartridges.


Wholesale Chargers Ltd. offers several brands of products:

  • Gastro
  • Mosa
  • Liss

Gastro 8g N2O Cream Chargers are available in 2 varieties; Shiny Silver and Grey Painted Chargers.

Gastro Silver – 8g N2O Cream Chargers that can be sold worldwide and are manufactured by Wholesale Chargers Ltd.’s PRC factory.

Gastro Grey* – 8g N2O Cream Chargers that can be sold in the UK, Ireland, Spain and Portugal and are manufactured by Liss Kft in Hungary.

Gastro Whipped Cream Dispensers – 250ml, 500ml and 1000ml dispensers that can be sold worldwide. Gastro Dispensers are available in aluminium, stainless steel or plastic headed versions in multiple colours and are manufactured by Wholesale Chargers Ltd’s PRC factory.

YOUR OPPORTUNITY – “A Business on a Plate”

We are looking to appoint selected Distributors on a state, county, city or country basis.

Our products offer market-leading quality and with our cost-effective pricing structure, customer demand has been astonishing.

As a distributor, you will be granted continuous access to stock, which is available both by the pallet and container. Wholesale pallet orders start from just 1 pallet of 32 cases of  Cream Chargers, with additional discounts for advanced pre-orders.

The incredible demand for our products is the reason we seek location-specific worldwide distributors who are better placed to meet local customer demand.

Also, Europe-wide, we offer drop-shipping for your pallet orders direct from either our UK or European warehouse. This allows you to focus on generating sales, without the hassle of storage or distribution.

As an Official Wholesale Chargers Distributor, you will become eligible to receive leads from our marketing campaigns including SMM campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube, in addition to our large e-mail marketing campaign which already produces active sales leads ready to pass onto distributors.


As the appointed Mosa and Liss agent for the UK, Ireland, Spain and Portugal, we understand market leading quality built upon the same dedication to quality of product and customer service. After 5 years of searching, testing and rejecting manufacturers, we have sourced the very best facilities to produce our products.

All our stock comes directly from our manufacturers with COI, Certificate of Origin, with all labelling in strict accordance with EU 169/2011 EK regulations meeting Worldwide Food Standard requirements regulations, ensuring you and your customers receive stock without delay.


You should be active in one or more of the following business sectors; Food and Beverage, Medical or Beauty Procedures, Life Saving Equipment, Sports and Leisure.

You must be currently registered with your relevant government tax departments and able to provide the registration details for invoice purposes on request.

You must be ambitious and able to handle high order numbers. Your company must also be willing to grow and able to send us your business growth plans, facilitated by the supply of our products.

We will only consider your application for a distributorship after you have sent us your due diligence processes for our prior approval

Please send us and comprehensively detail your complete due diligence process, including all the checks and documentation you use when selling onwards

Additionally, we require proof of this process from your past sales

We also require full disclosure and details of your sales channels and all relevant marketing materials for our approval plus the guidance notes and policies you require your customers follow.

Before applying you should be fully familiar with the products and products uses by clicking on the title links below:



Websites: You should read through and familiarise yourself with one of our wholesale websites; Alibaba (click here), where and the product specifications and details can also be found. This website will form part of the leads generation system we have in place for active distributors. Any recipient of our generated leads is expected to reply within 24 hours and provide feedback on the outcome and status of said leads/customers.

Legal: By applying to become a customer or distributor you hereby acknowledge that you have; read, accepted and agree to the Terms of Business, Terms of Use Policy and Charger and Whipper Safety as detailed below. Furthermore, you accept full responsibility to ensure that your customers; read, accept and agree to adhere to the same. Terms of Business Terms of Use Policy Charger and Whipper Safety


A comprehensive image gallery plus videos will be made available to all distributors for marketing use.


Wholesale Chargers Distributor opportunities are available worldwide.

Depending upon your current status and country of residence, we do have exclusive country distributorship rights to allocate to the right company.


Our Recommended Retail Prices demonstrate our products have the competitive price edge positioning in the market. Customers can pay and order from this RRP price list via an existing distributor.

Alternatively, apply to become a distributor.

When accepted you will be sent our substantially discounted distributor rates


We only accept applications from businesses
To be accepted as a distributor you must input your registration number to confirm you are registered for sales tax and revenue tax purposes in your country of residence.
B2B Business2Business, B2C Business2Customer
Indicate the products you either currently supply or plan to supply
Indicate one or more of the above sectors which your business must already operate in.
Please detail how many cases/pallets/orders you place for the above selected business sector.
List any city, state, region or country you would like to distribute to.
Distributorships are limited and awarded to the applicants with most potential. Details of current monthly order volume, future requirements, first order value etc will help support your application. Approximate sales value etc
You must read, accept and agree to our Terms of Business, Terms of Use Policy and Charger and Whipper Safety Guidelines

By clicking submit, I hereby acknowledged that I have read, agree and accept the Terms of Business, Terms of Use Policy and Charger and Whipper Safety Guidelines as shown on this website.